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October 2017
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Toothpick Chromos... Bill Nye: Cells Mid-Unit Quest Egg Genetics Early Release
Mid-Unit Review SF Work Time Genotypes and Phenotypes
10  11  12  13 
No School: October Break
16  17  18  19  20 
8th Bell Work 10/16 When DNA Implicat... Lesson with Ms. S... GMO's Argumentati... 8th Grade Bell Wo...
Modern Genetics J... 8th Bell Work 10/17 Bill Nye: Genes 8th Bell Work 10/19 Power of Genes
23  24  25  26  27 
Create-a-Kid Punnett Squares Paper Pets
Due: SF Exp. Outli...
Sf Prior Research Genetics Vocab. Quiz
30  31 
Pedigree Charts Quiz: Punnett Squ... Co-Dominance Blood Typing Game Unit Review
Incomplete Dominance
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