Scientific Inquiry
How Do We Do Science?

Notebook Table of Contents
"Scientific Inquiry" Unit Pages A- ...

  • Page A: Notebook Cover Page. Students will create a cover page using the entire page. Must include three pictures and a title. Must be completely colored.
  • Pages B-C: Table of Contents. To be updated by students as needed.
  • Page D: "Levels of Questions" reference sheet, "Practice Classifying Levels of Questions" worksheet, and "Making Higher Level Questions" practice worksheet.
  • Page E: "The Three Story Intellect" reference sheet.
  • Page F: IB Command Terms (defined).
  • Page G: IB Assessment Criterion A-D
  • Page H: "Habits of Discussion" reference sheet.
  • Page I: "Science Class Goals"
  • Page J: Sample Page Extender.
  • Page 1: "How Do We Know What We Know?" title page.
  • You Can Grow Your Intelligence
  • Safety in Science"
  • Why Study Science? 
  • Scientific Procedures 
  • Data Tables 
  • Graphs 
  • Data Analysis and Conclusions
End of Unit. Please see "Whose Genes Are These?" unit page for additional pages. 
Essential Vocabulary

Scientific Question/ Problem
Independent Variable
Dependent Variable
Controlled Variable/ Constant
Experimental Group
Control Group
Data Analysis