Science Fair
Science and Technolgy Expo

All students in the IB programme are required to participate in the Science Fair. Copies of the following are or will be provided in class. If the original copy is lost, students may download another copy from this page. Additional copies will NOT be provided by me in class.

8th Grade Science Fair Packet (2019-2020)

Additional Resources: 

YOUR NOTEBOOK! Much of our project is based on what we've learned in class!

Brainstorming Topics of Interest- 4 Questions Strategy

Rules for projects involving human participants and SRC Requirements 

SRC Human Participants Pre-Approval Form

Background Research and Work Cited Template

Works Cited Reference Sheet

Background Research Question-words Table- tips for what to research to complete background research for project.

Experiment Outline notes

Experimental Outline with Materials and Procedures Template

Procedures notes

Prior Research Paper Template

Data Tables notes

Graphs notes

Data Analysis and Conclusion notes

Writing an Abstract resource sheet

Display Board Layout Tips (website)

Sample Display Boards- The Good, Bad, and the Ugly (PowerPoint)

Display Board and Logbook- What Goes on/in Each? (USE THIS TO BUILD YOUR BOARD!)

Class Presentation/Judging Expectations (USE THIS TO WRITE YOUR ORAL PRESENTATION!)

Display Board and Oral Presentation Grade Sheet


Science Fair Open House

Summit Academy Open House: Wednesday, February 5th, 2020. Judging will run from 4-6pm in the 7/8 Cafeteria. Stop by before 5:30pm to catch the show!