Mr. Brandon Vigneux

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Phone: 480-472-3341

Hello students, parents, and other inquirers! I'm Brandon Vigneux. I'm also a runner, writer, coach, uncle, traveler, lifelong learner, concert-goer, sports fanatic, struggling golfer, yogi, and with most joy, a teacher. This is my seventh year at Summit Academy where I teach MYP Language and Literature to our talented 8th grade students. I also serve as the head coach of our National Academic League team and 8th grade girls basketball team.

I graduated with my Associate in Arts from Scottsdale Community College (go 'chokes) in 2013 and my Bachelor's in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in English from Grand Canyon University ('lopes up) in 2015. I'm a highly qualified teacher (HQT) and emerged from my studies with a thorough pedagogical skill set suited to match the modern needs of today's learners. My classroom is comfortable and inviting, and my students are challenged to arrive open-minded, to suspend judgment, and to never stop asking questions.  

I seek for my students to grow not only academically, but as young men and young women alike. Acclaimed novelist Ralph Ellison once shared that "Education is all a matter of building bridges." The foundations will be made available within my classroom, but it will be our Mountaineers taking the crucial steps necessary to cross them.   

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