Summit Academy Hoops

Thank you: Your willingness to participate and commit to this year’s basketball program is commendable. By agreeing to join our squad you are consenting to abide by the team rules, to put forth your best effort on and off the field at all times, and are understanding of the term “student-athlete”. We have two goals this season: have fun while developing as young men and members of a team, and bring home the district championship. The expectation is to win, and we are going to work as necessary in order to make this happen.

Team rules:

· Practice will be held every day after school from 4:15-5:45 unless notified otherwise, beginning on Tuesday 8/15.

· Players are always expected to arrive 10 minutes early to get dressed.

· From this moment forward, we are a team. It is your responsibility to respect your teammates and coaches at all            times. We are all equals and will treat each other as such.

· Playing basketball is a privilege. If at any time your inappropriate behavior surpasses your commitment to your               teammates, you will be removed from the team.

· We will demonstrate proper sportsmanship at all times. We will win with class, and in the event that we lose, we            will lose with class.

· Players are required to wear basketball shoes during all on-court activities.

Hardwood expectations:

· Players are expected to work diligently at all times, whether during practice or during a game.

· Each drill has purpose. The expectation is for you to listen when coaches are speaking, and participate in the drill at hand to the best of your abilities.

· We do not walk. If we are changing drills or having a water break, we will jog to the appropriate location.

· Players expected to help clean the court of all equipment and/or trash following all practices and games.

· Players are expected to be at every practice and at every game.

· Excused absences = Players will be able to miss practice for appointments, if they’re sick, or if there is a family emergency. However, regardless of the scenario, if a practice is missed, that player will not be eligible to start in the next game. They may still play, but they will not start. If a player knows he will miss practice, he must inform me prior to the absence or the absence will automatically be considered “unexcused”. Two “unexcused” absences will result in an immediate removal from the team.

· We will treat the referees with class and respect. Understand that I have your back and will defend you at all                  times—it is not your job to argue with the ref. Allow me to take care of things.

Student-athlete expectations:

· All players agree to the responsibility of retrieving their grades each week from every teacher.

· Grade sheets will be turned in every Monday before practice.

· Players are expected to have at least a “C” in every class. Failure to maintain at least a “C” in every class will                result in immediate ineligibility, and players will not be allowed to participate in games until their grades are up.

· Players understand that there are high expectations for good behavior on the court and in the classroom. Your                teachers have been notified to keep me updated on any instances of poor decision making on your part.                        Understand that there will be consequences if you choose to act in a way that does not best represent Summit Academy.


This is going to be a tremendous season. I have high expectations for you all as individuals and as a team. Everything we do will be with the team’s best intentions in mind. You all have a role on this team and are encouraged to push each other every day both on the court and in the classroom. If we keep each other accountable, there is no reason why we won’t succeed.


By signing this contract I am agreeing to all aspects of the expectations. I understand that my inability to abide by these expectations can result in my permanent removal from the team.