Ms. Carlie Ruhlman

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I am a newer teacher to Summit Academy, but very happy to be here and be teaching.  I graduated high school from Mountain View, and went to the University of Arizona for my undergraduate degree.  I got my degree in geology, with a specialization in environmental and ecological sciences.  As I was finishing up my degree, I had some choices to make about what I wanted to do with my degree.  I knew I wanted a post-graduate degree, but which one?  I finally decided on going to law school because I thought it would be interesting to know both the science and the policy of our relationship with our environment.

I took my LSAT, and got a scholarship to the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma.  While not as well-known as Harvard or Yale, Tulsa had one very attractive quality... a wonderful program in energy and environmental law.  Tulsa had such a program due to heavy financial support from Oklahoma's oil and gas businesses.  They like to "home-grow" their attorneys.  I enjoyed my time in law school.  I joined the Energy and Environmental Law Journal and was promoted to an Editor.  I graduated in 2016 with my specialization in Energy and Environmental law and returned here to take the Bar and start practicing.

Come to find, I hate practicing law.  I loved the academics of law, but the practicals left me depressed and I couldn't imagine practicing for the rest of my life.  To make ends meet while I figured out my next step, I took up substitute teaching.  And fell in love.  I knew teaching would be the right fit for me. I've never been more right about a choice in my life.  I got incredibly lucky when I was asked to become a teacher at this wonderful school. I love Summit, have loved teaching there since Spring of 2019.  Despite the pandemic, I continue to love teaching and serving my students.  I look forward to many more great years,