Science 8

This year we will be focusing on the nature of science as a human endeavor while developing an understanding of the principles of heredity, the Laws of Motion and introductory chemistry.  Content will be focused for delivery at a higher level of thinking.  This course is meant to prepare students to enter Biology while providing a base for future science classes such as Physics and Chemistry.


We will be utilizing a modeling approach to learning Science.  Modeling utilizes hands-on and minds-on activities coupled with Socratic dialogue to develop conceptual models.  A scaffolding approach allows students to work with "mind sized" ideas that can be reasonably combined to make sense of a larger model.  The teacher-student co-creation of analogies and models allows the student the opportunity to participate in the evaluation and criticism of the evolving models resulting in greater understanding of core concepts.

Cell Theory--learn what is in a cell and appreciate how wonderful all life is.

Heredity--learn about this scientific endeavor and how it applies to all life.

Adaptation--learn why plants and animals adapt to their environment and how they accomplish this amazing task.

Newton's laws of motion--learn about the things that affect everything in motion, from bicycles to state of the art space travel.

Basic Chemistry--learn about atoms and elements, the building blocks of all matter.

My classroom wish list:

If you would like to help out our class a little more here are some things we could always use:

  • Donations to the Summit Academy Science department (check to the Office). (Let me know if you do this so I can order something cool for the kids to do: order GloFish and Casper fish for breeding experiments, DNA extractions, parasite specimens, cool videos, posters, etc.)
  • boxes of tissues
  • glue sticks

Thank you. (BTW - I will still love your kid even if you can't help out financially)

science lab