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Gateway to Technology


PLTW's middle school program, Gateway To Technology (GTT), is a project-based program designed to challenge and engage the natural curiosity and imagination of middle school students. Taught in conjunction with a rigorous academic curriculum, the program is divided into six, nine-week independent units. GTT schools are required to offer at minimum Design and Modeling (DM) and Automation and Robotics (AR).

GTT Core Units

  • Automation and Robotics (AR)
  • Students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics. They learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation and computer control systems. Students acquire knowledge and skills in problem solving, teamwork collaboration and innovation.
  • Design and Modeling(DM)
  • This unit uses solid modeling software (a sophisticated mathematical technique for representing solid objects) as part of the design process. Utilizing this design approach, students understand how design influences their lives. Students also learn sketching techniques and use descriptive geometry as a component of design, measurement and computer modeling. Students brainstorm, research, develop ideas, create models, test and evaluate design ideas and communicate solutions.
  • Computer Programming and App Development 
  • Students will explore and learn foundational skills for computer science by focusing on creativity and the design process as they create their own basic apps using MIT App Inventor. In addition, students will venture into text programming through Python, and develop an app and video game which will build computational thinking and problem solving skills. This course is a great opportunity for students to explore the computer science field and create computer programs and video games that can be deployed on digital devices.