This course is the introductory science class for the junior high.   SC 07 emphasizes the development of laboratory skills, science process skills, and mathematical and graphing skills for data analysis.

1st Quarter

  • Introduction/ Class Procedures
  • Measurement
  • Scientific Investigation


2nd Quarter

  • Astronomy – Sun, Moon Earth click here to animation of how the seasons occur
  • Astronomy – Deep Space


3rd Quarter

  • Earth Structures Part 1  (Earth Layers) Click here to see the video for the Layers of the Earth song by fozzils1.
  • Earth Structures Part 2  (Plate Tectonics)
  • Rocks and Minerals


4th Quarter

  • Health Unit (taught by district staff)
  • Ecology
  • Testing




This year we will be focusing on the nature of science as a human endeavor while developing an understanding of the principles of heredity, the Laws of Motion and introductory chemistry.  Content will be focused for delivery at a higher level of thinking.  This course is meant to prepare students to enter Biology while providing a base for future science classes such as Physics and Chemistry.


We will be utilizing a modeling approach to learning Science.  Modeling utilizes hands-on and minds-on activities coupled with Socratic dialogue to develop conceptual models.  A scaffolding approach allows students to work with "mind sized" ideas that can be reasonably combined to make sense of a larger model.  The teacher-student co-creation of analogies and models allows the student the opportunity to participate in the evaluation and criticism of the evolving models resulting in greater understanding of core concepts.

Cell Theory--learn what is in a cell and appreciate how wonderful all life is.

Heredity--learn about this scientific endeavor and how it applies to all life.

Adaptation--learn why plants and animals adapt to their environment and how they accomplish this amazing task.

Newton's laws of motion--learn about the things that affect everything in motion, from bicycles to state of the art space travel.

Basic Chemistry--learn about atoms and elements, the building blocks of all matter.