Classroom Policies & Procedures


Integrated Science with Mrs. Burke


Welcome to science. This year we will be taking voyages ranging from deep inside our Earth to galaxies far, far away. You will learn how matter interacts. You will learn to think like a scientist! So put on your safety goggles, fasten your seat belt, and get ready for a wild ride!

Class Goals and Objectives: To provide all students with an in depth look at science concepts aligned with the Arizona State Standards. All students will have the opportunity, and be expected, to take responsibility for his or her own learning, bring all necessary materials to class, actively participate in class discussions and activities, get help when needed, develop a sense of self achievement and high work ethic, grow academically and socially, and have fun.

Expectations: My class is run by mutual expectations. I expect you to be respectful, which includes, arriving to class on time, being prepared, showing a high work ethic, be ready to participate, learn, and have fun. You should expect the same from me.

Book Used:  Holt Science & Technology

Website: Mrs. Woolsey-Burke maintains a website that has all current and past assignments. Take a look!

Personal Actions: Responsibility is key to being successful in this class and in life. You are responsible for your behavior and actions and the consequences that may result from them. Make sure that you take control of your life in a positive, constructive way. Respect yourself, Respect each other, and Respect this place.

REMEMBER: No one has the right to interfere with the education, safety, and well-being of others.

Materials Required:
If you are a well-organized student, you will statistically increase your chances of earning a high grade.

Do not lose or throw away any papers unless instructed to do so. Even Einstein had to be able to find and read his notes. He didn't care about a hairdresser!

Here’s what you should bring to class everyday:
  • Science Notebook (composition grid book - available at Target or Staples).
  • Pencils with erasers (pens not allowed!)
  • Planner
  • Glue Sticks

Classroom Policies and Procedures:

Daily Agenda:
You will have specific responsibilities each day when you enter class. The first thing that you will be responsible for is writing down any homework and daily assignment in your planner. If there is no homework assigned you will need to indicate that. After you have filled out your planner, you will complete the bellwork assignment.

Class Work/ Homework Policy:
Assignments should be completed to the best of your ability and ready to be checked-off or turned in when you arrive to class. Please be sure the papers you hand in are neat, clearly written and stapled, if necessary. If I cannot read the assignment then I cannot grade it. Also, make sure that your name is written on all papers, if there is no name on the paper then no grade will be assigned. If an assignment that you turned in is not returned to you, let me know immediately and I will check the no name/no credit folder for your period. LATE WORK only receives 50% credit so make sure all assignments are turned in on time!

Grading Policy:
Grading is a reflection of a student’s achievement on a variety of assessments. Summit Academy takes pride in the fact that our students earn their grades by hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to learn by demonstrating they understand the content of each course. Take personal charge of your learning and perform to the very best of your ability.

Grades for this class will be determined by the point total at the end of each grading period. Points will be given on your science interactive notebooks (including homework assignments and in-class assignments), bellwork, projects, labs, quizzes, and tests.

I understand that students may need alternate or modified assignments. Please see me if this is the case. All work may be hand done. Computers are not mandatory for any project. All supplies will be available in the bookstore.

Extra Credit is rarely available (you must complete the same work expected of all students to succeed and learn to complete any job assigned to you).

We all know what it is (copying, letting someone copy your work, plagiarism), DON’T DO IT-it’s not worth it- you will receive a ZERO!

Here are some helpful tips for being successful:

1) Do your homework.

2) Review main ideas covered in class on a daily basis.

3) Make up absent work right away

4) Keep your notebook up-to-date. (Prevents nasty surprises.)

5) Begin studying several days before a test/quiz.

Labs/Quizzes/Tests Policy:
If you miss a lab, there will be an alternative assignment for you to complete instead, usually out of the textbook.

There will be both announced and unannounced quizzes given throughout the semester.

If you are absent, you must make up the test or quiz within one week from your return to school. It is your responsibility to schedule the make-up time, any test or quiz that is not made up after one week will receive a zero.

Science Interactive Notebooks:
Notebooks are to be kept neat and orderly. All handouts must be dated and kept in the proper order in your notebook for this class.

Absent/Tardy Policy:
You must be in your seat with your materials,and taking care of your daily responsibilities when the bell rings. If you are not, you are considered tardy. Be sure to take care of all chores (i.e. sharpening pencils) before class begins.

If you miss a class it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to collect all work that you missed. CHECK the calendar and the absent work folder for your period. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for collecting & turning in ALL missed work (including the daily starter(s), class work, handouts, notes, and homework) due to your absence. After checking the calendar and picking up missed work, if you have questions about the missed work please come see me.

Work you knew about BEFORE you were absent is still due on its original date. If you are absent on the date it is due, it is due the day you return. You have the amount of time equal to the number of days absent to make-up the work you missed while you were gone.

No food or gum is EVER allowed inside the classroom. Bottled water is the only acceptable drink allowed in the classroom.

Getting Help:
If, at any time, you are in need of extra help, PLEASE come see me before school or after school so that I may do my best to help you succeed in this class.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.

My Contact Information:
e-mail: 472-3303

Study Buddies:
I recommend that you write down the names and phone numbers of at least 2 students in your period. Use this information throughout the semester when you have questions on assignments or are absent.