It is my experience that students who keep a well organized science notebook, complete their work on time, listen, take accurate and complete notes are successful. Therefore, it is important that they bring their notebooks every day, and complete all missed work.

You will need:

1. Science notebooks are essential. If you have problems purchasing the notebook, see me prior to the notebook due date. We can make arrangements. Please be sure that is is NOT a spiral bound notebook, as these tend to fall apart over the course of the school year. Also, the composition notebook needs at least 100 pages/200 sheets so that students do not run out of pages at the end of the year.

2. Glue Sticks

3. Pencils / Erasers - no mechanical pencils. (They tend to be distracting or run out of lead.) Pens are not allowed.

4. Hand held pencil sharpeners (optional).

5. Sanitizing Wipes for their lab station.

6. Kleenex