August 1, 2018


Welcome back!  As we start our new year, I just want to remind all students and parents of a few important things.


All students need all of the following supplies every day.  If a student is unable to get any of these supplies on their own, please let me know right away so that I can see if I can assist in acquiring the needed materials.  The needed materials are: 

Spiral Notebook            

Two sharpened pencils OR one sharpened pencil with a manual pencil sharpener OR a mechanical pencil with extra lead.  The point here is that all students need to have a pencil that works at all times. 

Pencil eraser

White board marker.  Periodically check to be sure it is not dried out.  If it dries out, please replace it.

White board eraser.  This could be a clean, used washcloth or sock.

Pencil pouch

Lined lose leaf paper 

Graph paper


I would also like to remind students that they need to be in their seats at the beginning of each class period before the bell starts ringing.  All materials should be on the students’ desk and all backpacks should be at the back of the room. 


Students will have homework almost every night.  There are very few exceptions.  Homework is found on line at:  The assignments will have a due date posted online.  This is the date by which students should have their assignments completed.  However, I realize that there are times when internet issues happen and students cannot get their homework done.  Because of this, I will accept late homework until the day of the next test.  After this, homework will not be accepted.  Students will still have access to the assignments so that they can review them for studying purposes.

Students will be given practice tests the day before most tests.  This practice test is almost identical to the real test.  Students should use this practice test to prepare for the real test. 

Students may come in for tutoring Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 7:30am in room 405. Tutoring time is over at 7:55. Students should know their specific questions when they get to tutoring so that we can use our time most productively. 

I am looking forward to a great year!! Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.



Kim McDonald