Reassessment Policies

Math Department

Summit Academy


  1. All students have an opportunity to retest.  When students retest, students’ new test score will replace the old score.  Students will need to accomplish the following before retesting:

  • Fill out a "Reassessment Request" form.

  • All assignments leading up to the test must be complete and must have a score of 90% or above.  Students may need to request that their teacher unsubmit their assignments in Big Ideas.  

  • Students must correct all mistakes on the original test.  These corrections must be on the "Error Analysis" paper.   Students should write legibly and be sure to include the following on their paper: their name (first and last), period number, and the test number for which they are submitting corrections.  All work should be shown so that it is clear that the student knows how to do the problem.  

  • Once all assignments have been completed with 90% or better and test corrections have been submitted, the student should schedule a retest with their teacher.  Retests are after school on Thursdays.

  • In order to retake a test on any given Thursday, all paperwork must be turned in the Wednesday before the retake is to take place.  

  1. Students have one week from taking the test to initiate a retake.  Students should notify their teacher of their intent to retest. The retest should take place within 2 weeks of the original test.  

  2. If the student would like a second retest, the same guidelines apply.  

  3. Assessments are worth 75% of the students’ overall grade.

  4. All retakes must be complete before the last week of each quarter.  No retakes will be given the last week of any quarter.


**Please note – Although retakes are allowed, it is always better for the student to prepare and do well on the first opportunity.  It is very difficult for students to be learning new material and trying to relearn previous material at the same time.