Make-Up/Late/Homework Policy:

Students are expected to record objectives and daily assignments in their planners everyday. For the most part, we will not have homework, however sometimes students will be expected to complete unfinished class assignments at home. 

Make-up work is available to any student who has missed a class due to an excused absence. In order to receive full credit a student must turn in make-up work/test within the same time frame as the absence after returning to school. For example, two days missed = two days to turn in make-up work. 

Any student is able to set up a tutoring time with me to make up missed assignments, essays, or projects. They will need to spend the thirty minutes with me in class in order to make up the full grade. Wr

Writing will be assigned throughout the year and will reflect the state standards. These assignments will serve as reinforcements of the information provided in class, with the ultimate goal being to prepare students for their semester finals. Please check planner on a daily basis.