Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to Middle School. When we think of the beginning of a new school year one of the things that comes to mind is, “What rules will we need for a successful school year?” Through my Capturing Kid's Hearts training  I learned the importance of inviting my students to share in the creation of our classroom social contract,so that what was once just “the rules” becomes our class agreement. During those first few days of school, the students participated in a relationship building activity and each class created their own unique contract, without my input. We all signed it and have agreed to follow our decided on behaviors. 


All classes ended up with key qualities of a positive environment, from being respectful, to being open-minded, and caring. These qualities will create a great year for all of us. 


I believe in using positive and negative consequences. If your child is doing an amazing job in class, they can expect to receive positive praise from me, hear their name on a shout out, be nominated to be the learner profile of the month, or receive positive notes home.


If your child is struggling with following our school rules, social contract, or classroom procedures, they should expect to receive a warning of some sort, followed by a teacher/student conference in the hall, if that doesn't stop the behavior they will be assigned a lunch detention with a note home, the next step would be an after school detention,  and if all of those interventions do not help, they will be sent to the office. 

*Some distracting behavior will result in being sent to the office immediately if it is interfering with the learning environment of my other students.

*If your child breaks a serious school and district rule, they will be sent to the office immediately.

I don't intend for any of my students to make it to the final step, however, my first priority in my classroom is the students, and if the other students are being affected, they will receive consequences. Thank you for your continued support at home. It makes all the difference.