7th Grade

American History

First Semester

Unit 1 Arizona in the World   explore geographic concepts as they apply to Arizona, patterns of economic interactions; investigate major factors in Arizona history leading to statehood

Unit 2 Westward Expansion and Pre-Civil War explore the concept of Manifest Destiny as the United States stretches to the Pacific examining the social, economic and political apects of going West and how it contributes to conflict leading to the Civil War


Unit 3 Civil War analyze social, political and economic factors leading to the Civil War, examine key events and people during the Civil War

Unit 4 Reconstruction examine key events and people during the post-Civil War Reconstruction era, research pivotal Constitutional amendments

Unit 5 Industrial Era examine the effect of the Industrial Revolution on the Western World and the United States, explore the relationship of push-pull factors and immigration, identify functions and relationships within economic systems


Second Semester

Unit 6 Progressive Era identify key people identified as Progressives and their policies/ reforms, research US government’s role in progressive reforms such as women’s suffrage and civil rights

Unit 7 Imperialism analyze factors leading to the rise of imperialism in Europe and Asia, research factors and events that fostered American imperialism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, analyze geographic and economic factors that influence the formation of world regions

Unit 8 World War I research important events associated with World War I and events leading to US involvement, compare economic and political results of WWI both globally and in the US

Unit 9 The 1920’s & 1930’s identify characteristics of market economies, analyze natural and man-made crises, analyze factors leading to the Great Depression era, research social and cultural implications of New Deal programs

Unit 10 Pre-World War II connect results of WWI to causes of WWII, understand the impact of the rise of totalitarianism in Europe and imperialism in Asia following WWI, research impact of WWII on the economic recovery from the Great Depression in the United States, explore factors leading to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the US declaration of war