Mrs. Lynn Campos

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Phone: 472-3325


I was lucky enough to be educated right here in Arizona!  I graduated from Westwood High, earned my Bachelor's Degree from Arizona State University and my Master's Degree from Northern Arizona University.  I have taught in Mesa since 1990 and have been at Summit since 2010.  My husband is also a teacher here at Summit.  We have one child attending Mesa Public Schools and three children in college.  


Welcome to junior high math!

I will be teaching MA07 and MA10 this year and am very excited about that!  To help you in getting prepared for school, here is a list of suggested supplies to help get you prepared to learn and keep you organized throughout the year:

Spiral notebook used ONLY for math

White board markers (we will use these A LOT--extras are good!)

Eraser for the white board (a clean sock or rag works well)

Pencils or mechanical pencils with extra lead

As assignments are given, they will be available to view in your student portal. They will be listed by date so that you can see what has been assigned in case you are absent or have forgotten, so please check the portal if you ever need to see our assignments.  All of our assignments are online in the Big Ideas Website.  This is how you will complete and submit the assignments. Additionally, the syllabus for our class and all of our notes and videos to help you understand the concepts are in Canvas.  

I look forward to a productive year!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me--email works best!