Chapter/Unit tests - will be given when no project is assigned. When the chapter is tested students will know the test date and should write it in their planners.  The test format will vary slightly based on the material covered; however each test will contain a combination of any of the following: multiple choice, true/false, short answer, identification, and matching. If absent on the day the test is assigned, the student needs to be prepared to take that exam or quiz before school on the day s/he returns to school. This is a student responsibility to get here in enough time to take the test.

If a student is absent on the day before a unit test (and quizzes), he/she is still required to take it on the regular day with the rest of the class. Students are responsible for their learning. Information on what the class is doing is found on the online course calendar.

Test Retakes are offer if student has met all of the requirements:

1.       All assignments are turned in for that chapter before the test is taken.

2.       Student fills out the retest request properly.

3.       Student has attended tutoring at least 1 tutoring session during the chapter to have their questions answered.

4.       Student must schedule and retake/resubmit assessment within five days of the scheduled chapter test.

Open tutoring will be two days a week before school consult syllabus for days. This is for all classes so students need to come prepared with specific questions or identify what they are struggling with so facilitation between all classes can happen efficiently. Retesting format will vary from original form. The retake grade will replace original test grade even if it is lower.