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The expectation is that students will be challenged. That they will exhibit a growth mindset and that they will be successful. There are several things parents can do to help.  Parents need to talk to your student about this class. Encourage discussion about what s/he has read and the historical issues which faced the nation. Parents need to check student’s progress by examining the class calendar for assigned homework and class work.  Students should check portal for current class grade, missing/upcoming assignments, and assessments. Parents can also check student grade on the parent portal. The front office can help you set that up. The only scores taken for a grade are assessments such as quizzes, tests, projects, papers, and presentations. Daily assignments and homework facilitate understanding and application of the standards and assist with assessments. Grade book is updated regularly. The following tips can help:


Students are expected to use the bathroom during passing periods and during lunch. Students who need to use the bathroom during class will be limited to three bathroom passes per semester in my classroom. After all three bathroom passes have been used, detentions will be assigned. Not only does using the bathroom during class result in lost class time, but THIS IS FOR YOUR STUDENT’S SAFETY. Students are not supervised when they use the bathroom during class, and in the event of an emergency, they will likely be locked out of the classroom and may or may not be able to enter another classroom. There will be no bathroom passes the first and last 10 minutes of class or during 3rd hour after lunch.

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Before Class

Come in quietly. Prepare all materials, put phones in backpack, take out homework, hook backpack, and write in planner daily homework. Have all materials (two pocket folder, 3 subject notebook, pencil pouch) at desk before bell rings. You are tardy if these steps are not followed. Students may not return to backpacks during class. IB learners are thinkers and prepared for learning.

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During Class

When the bell rings:

1.  Begin silent sustained writing/bell work. Prompt will be on class calendar.

2.  If you arrive late or don’t have materials (that means out of seat after the bell starts ringing), you will receive a tardy.  After school detention will be assigned for every tardy after 3 per quarter. IB learners are balanced and can manage their time and materials.


During class:

1.  Do not leave your seat during instruction without permission. During work time, take care of your needs quietly.

2.  No food, candy, gum, or beverages (except water in a bottle).  (This will result in a detention.)

3.  When I want to regain your attention-stop what you are doing (including talking) and face me.

4.  If you need to leave class for any reason other than an emergency, write your pass, wait until I have finished my instructions for me to sign it. If it is an emergency (such as an illness), raise your hand or walk safely to the nurse.

5. Classroom time is valuable. Use the bathroom during passing period and at lunch. 

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After Class

1.  Please wait until I tell you to pack up your things and retrieve backpack.

2.  Stack books, pick up trash, push chair in.

3. Tables will be dismissed by the teacher

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Student Behavior

Students are expected to follow directions, be engaged in the lesson, and participate. They are also expected to be respectful, safe, and responsible. The learning environment needs to be protected especially with increased number of students within the classroom.

 Students are expected to behave well with guest teachers. If the guest teacher has an issue with any student that student will serve two after school detentions. 


All IB Students are striving to develop the learner profile traits. Disregard of the rules inhibits the learning process and violates the learner profile traits. Consequences for failure to follow the rules and procedures are at the discretion of the teacher and may include any or all of the following:


Parent letter contact

After School Detention

Loss of privilege/sent to office

Referral to administration

Parent Conference


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