Sra. Nely Orozco
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Phone: 480-472-3346


iHola y bienvenidos a un nuevo año escolar! 

I invite you to an exciting and challenging school year at Summit Academy.  As your Language Acquisition teacher, it is my goal to provide you the necessary skills and objectives needed to succeed in the learning of a second language.  Learning a language might seem difficult and confusing at first, but just like everything else, practice makes perfect.  Never hesitate to ask a question, my role is to facilitate your success.

This is my seventh year at Summit Academy.  I previously taught Spanish I and II at Fremont Junior High for two years.  Prior to this, I was a Pre-AP Social Studies teacher in Texas where I have a lifetime secondary certification in History and Spanish.  I am a highly qualified and certified teacher in Arizona in the areas of Spanish and History for grades 6-12. During my teaching career, it has always been my goal to provide guidance and instruction in a manner that will influence students in the most positive manner.   

Please see the class syllabus for rules, procedures, and grading policy.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. ¡Buena suerte a todos!

La bandera de Espana, en Madrid