Please click below to access online Realidades practice activities and/or to become familiar with chapter vocabulary.  Some of these activities might ask you for a web code.  This is a code that you will find in your textbook for specific practice activities. 

Realidades A online  (Junior high Spanish level A and Intro. Spanish)

Realidades B online  (Junior High Spanish level B)

Realidades 2 (for students in Spanish C/D)


For example, you can look on page 9, Realidades B textbook,  you will see: Go online
For: More review

Web Code: jbd-0002


There are some great sites online to practice and learn your language skills.  Following are just of few of these websites.  They are meant to provide you with reinforcement and extensions of the skills you are acquiring in class.  Additionally, I encourage you to look into a variety of languages and see how they compare and/or contrast to your native language.   (Top ten tips to learn Spanish)

Spanish lessons for practice   (Study Spanish)  ( Language learning for your Iphone, IPod, mp3)  (Currency converter)   (English-Spanish dictionary)   (Listen to native Spanish speakers demonstrate a variety of language tasks)  (link to a variety of Spanish websites)

Most common irregular verbs in Spanish (learn how to conjugate irregular verbs in all tenses)

Duolingo (practice and learn)