Attendance Absence Policy Tardies / Ditching


Daily attendance in all classes is one of the most significant factors in a student's success at Summit Academy. The following policy is designed to help keep students in school and increase their potential for success.

Attendance: What is the school's role?

  • The school will see that parents and students are aware of the Summit Academy attendance policy.
  • The school will report absences and any other irregular attendance pattern to parents by telephone and/or by mail.
  • The school will work with students and parents for improvement of attendance.
  • The school will instigate disciplinary action or suspension for continued attendance problems.

Excused and unexcused absences

  • Absences due to illness or a health condition, school-approved activities, family emergencies and, as required by law, disciplinary actions or short-term suspensions shall be excused. In addition, the principal may, upon request by a parent, grant permission in advance for a student's absence does not adversely affect the student's education progress.