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Absence Policy

phone When you are absent, your parents must call the attendance office at (480) 472-3301. There is an answering machine available 24 hours a day.

Please call as soon as possible if your child will be absent.

Automated phone calls will go out to parents, if you have not called the school by 9am.

The school reserves the right to assign an appropriate absence code for an absence excuse from the parent/guardian deemed unsatisfactory/unacceptable. Examples include going shopping, babysitting, missed bus, birthday, etc.

If you come to school late, you must check in with the attendance clerk. If a parent has called or you have a note from your parent excusing you, you will be issued a pass to class. If you are unexcused, an appropriate consequence will be issued.

Regular school attendance is a vital component for achieving success as a student at Summit Academy. Your child should be on time and present at school unless they are ill or there is an emergency.