Attendance Absence Policy Tardies / Ditching

Tardies and Ditching class policy

If, at a minimum, a student is not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings and does not have an appropriate pass when arriving in class late, the student is tardy. After 15 minutes of class time, the student is considered ditching class.

A parent/guardian MUST call, send a note or come in with their student when late. A tardy (excused or unexcused) is from the time the bell rings to 15 minutes after. More than 15 minutes is considered a full period absence.

Any student who does not attend a class, but stays on campus, or who enters the class 15 or more minutes late will be considered a 'ditch' unless there is an excuse written by an appropriate staff member. If a student misses a class or leaves campus without permission, it is considered a 'ditch'.  The teacher may decide whether makeup class work does or does not count toward a grade. In addition, the teacher may arrange detention, extra assignments or other reasonable disciplinary action including referral to the assistant principal.

You will be expected to be in class on time each period and follow the school rules and procedures. You will also be expected to listen to and follow other instructions and requests which will be announced on the public address system or through the daily bulletins. In addition, your teachers will expect you to follow their classroom procedures that they will clearly explain.