Student Assistance Program 

The SAP counselor at Superstition High School is Mr. Hopaczylo.  

At Superstition High School we recognize that students who are concentrating on personal problems cannot focus on school attendance and academic success.  Therefore, we provide comprehensive services for families in crisis, as well as preventative services. Students may self refer to SAP or be referred by a teacher or parent.  Mr. Hopaczylo provides counseling in the areas of anger management/coping, substance use/abuse, grief and bullying.  He also provides local resources for mesa youth and families. 

District Drug and Alcohol Education Program Formally known as  Project Success 

Students referred to Superstition High School for a drug violation may be assigned to district sponsored drug and alcohol education classes. These classes are taught on our campus during the school day.  Classes are conducted by Mr. Hopaczylo.  Students who wish to transition back to their home campuses must complete the eight  assigned classes before being eligible to transition.