Bulldog Byte Spring 2016

Goodbye Chris Hakes, Welcome Rayna Herrera!

Chris Hakes has been our secretary at Superstition High School since 2014. She has built our students schedules, posted our grades, answered our questions, and done everything in her power to make sure Superstition High School ran as efficiently as possible. She has recently been offered a new position. While we will miss her, we are proud to see her succeed. Good luck Ms. Hakes! We will miss you!

We are proud to welcome Rayna Herrera to her new position as secretary. Rayna has worked to make our attendance run smoothly and is now ready to build schedules, post grades, answer questions, and keep Superstition High School running efficiently. Welcome Ms. Herrera!

Important Dates

April 11-May 6 AZMerit Testing

April 22 Spring Fling

April 18-22 Spirit Week

May 19 End of Block Awards

May 26 Graduation

May 26 Last Day of School

June 6-23 Summer School

August 10 First Day of School