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Student Handbook  

Dear Taft Parents and Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Students:


This “Taft Daily Planner” is a tool to help students become better organized. We have found that many of our students become better organized through using a planner to keep track of their daily assignments. By conscientiously using these daily calendars to mark assignments and important dates, Taft’s third, fourth, and fifth graders, with the help of parents, will find themselves more successful in the academic challenges of school. By learning time management and organizational skills now, we are confident students will find many successes in the years to come. We also use these planners to regularly communicate with parents about the students’ academic progress.   We wish each of our students a very organized and successful school year.



Taft Staff



Taft staff and parents are committed to the belief that all students can learn.  We have the highest expectations for all learners to attain mastery of all learning objectives as defined by the school board and the state of Arizona. 



7:30 AM – 4:00 PM





FDK-Sixth Grade Students

8:00 am            Cafeteria opens for breakfast

8:10  am           Playground supervision begins

8:20  am           First bell--all students line up

8:25-2:55          Student instructional hours

1:55 pm            Dismissal on Wednesdays

2:55 p.m.          Dismissal (on Mondays, Tuesdays,

Thursdays, and Fridays)


IMPORTANT!  Most Wednesdays early release will be at 1:55 p.m*

*Please do NOT allow children to arrive on grounds before 8:10 a.m. as there is no adult supervision before 8:10 a.m. Let’s keep our kids safe on campus!

*Please do NOT allow children to return to campus until after 4:30 pm. No skateboards, rollerblades or razor scooters are allowed on campus at anytime.



Every effort should be made to make sure students are at school on time every day.  A lineup bell rings each day at 8:20 a.m.  If your child must miss school due to an illness or emergency, please call the main office at 472-9100 or 472-9080 to report absences.  Please try to schedule routine appointments during non-school hours, whenever possible.  Our new computerized attendance system will attempt to call you when your child is absent.  Please make sure we have current phone numbers.


At times, your child may become ill while at school.  At the beginning of the school year we ask you to update the Required Emergency and Registration Information form. If information on this form changes during the school year, please notify the school office. Only persons designated on this form will be allowed to pick up your child from school.  Anyone checking a student out of school will be asked to show a photo identification.



At the end of each quarter Taft will hold an afternoon assembly to recognize students for Citizenship, and Academic Excellence.  Parents are invited.



1. The Citizenship Award: grades 4, 5, and 6: Students receiving a grade of

    an “3” or above in specials such as p.e., music, band, orchestra, and art

    and grades of “3” or above in Skills and Behaviors for Successful Learners

    on the report card is eligible for this award. Students receiving an “2”, or “1”,

    in any area of the report card are not eligible for this award.


2. Academic Awards: grades, 4, 5 and 6:  Honor Roll would require at least

    two A grades in math, reading, or language with NO C grades in those areas

    as well as social studies and science.  Principal's Honor Roll would require

    a grade of A in reading, math, language, social studies, andscience.


BUSING (top)

It is very important that our school be accountable for students during bus transportation.  All students must ride their designated bus unless (1) a written note from a parent is brought to school; (2) the note is signed by the principal and (3) if there is room on the bus.  If a student is going to ride a different bus or get off at a different stop, a signed, written note from the parent must be presented to the office in the morning so that the principal can also sign it and this note must be presented to the driver as the student boards the bus.  Riding a bus is a privilege, not a right.  Please instruct your child to follow all school rules on the bus.



Each classroom teacher is responsible for developing a plan for establishing communication between the home and school.  Taft teachers will utilize the following communication tools to facilitate partnerships with our parents:


Phone Calls

    BEFORE AND AFTER school are the best times to make contact with teachers on the telephone. The Taft office main telephone number is 472-9100. Office personnel are available between 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.


Progress Reports

    Parents can request weekly or daily written reports from the teachers.  Please look for these communications and call teachers whenever you are concerned about the school program or information.


Student Progress Reports

    These reports are sent home at the end of each quarter.


Taft Daily Planners (Grades 3-5)

    Students will be given one (for free) for recording daily assignments and writing notes to parents.


Taft Tiger Tales Parent Newsletter

    This newsletter will be sent home with your child on a regular basis.


"Voice Mail" System

     Every teacher and specialist has a voice mail  "mailbox” for you to leave messages.  You may reach your child’s teacher by dialing 472-91 __ __ .  The last two numbers are the classroom number.  Teachers’ telephones will be blocked during teaching hours only, 8:25 a.m. to 2:55 p.m. If you need to leave an after school message for your child after 2 p.m., call the office directly at 472-9100.




▪ Students may NOT bring skateboards, razor scooters, motorized scooters, or shoes with wheels to campus at any time 24/7.

▪ Students may bring bicycles to school.

▪ Bicycles must be kept in the outside bike rack

▪ It is the responsibility of the student to secure bicycles to one of the racks in this area.

▪ The school assumes no responsibility for bicycles in case they are stolen

▪ If you cannot secure your bicycle inside the bike rack hen leave it at home

▪ Once you arrive on campus you must walk bicycles at all times.   Bicycles may not be ridden on any part of the campus including the sidewalks on the perimeter of the campus.



▪ Students may have cell phones at school as long as a parent has approved this.

▪ No cell phones may be out of a pocket or backpack at any time during the school day.

▪ Cell phones must be turned off while on campus until the end of the day.

▪ May not be used to take pictures at any time on campus.

▪ The school is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones


C.  DRESS CODE (top)

▪ Please refer to the attached Dress Code Guidelines approved by the board for this school year.

▪ Closed toe shoes are preferable for child’s safety. Closed toe shoes are required for all p.e. classes.



▪ No electronic devices are allowed on campus during the school day.

▪ Students may have cell phones but they must be out of sight and turned off at all times while on campus or a bus.



▪ Students may not bring large containers of pop or large bags of chips and share them with others on campus.  This is especially true in the cafeteria where strict food handling guidelines are in place. 

▪ Students can consume these items on their own but may not share with others.

▪ No food items may leave the cafeteria.



▪ Students may not bring a football to school unless it is part of a supervised class activity.



▪ Student may not chew gum on campus during a school event, day or night. 


▪ Students may wear their hair in any fashion (cut and color) as long as it does not disrupt the daily function of educating students. 



▪ Hats must be worn only outside.

▪ Hats must be worn with the bill forward.

▪ Hat logos must be appropriate and not display or promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or disrespect...

▪ The student’s name must be printed inside the hat.

▪ Hats may not be shared.

▪ Only one hat at a time may be worn.

▪ Hats may not be filled with water before wearing.

▪ Handkerchief head coverings and headbands are not allowed.




1.  Homework is directly tied to academic learning.

2.  No student may be asked to make up a late homework assignment for no credit.

3.  Late assignments can be marked down; setting deadlines when late work will not be accepted is also okay.

4.  Guidelines, expectations, late deadlines, consequences for not doing homework, and grading guidelines concerning homework must be provided to parents in writing at the beginning of each school year or at the point of enrollment for new students.



1.  Parent signatures on forms, grades/progress notification, etc. is communication. Communication assignments are intended to let parents know what is going on in class, information about upcoming events, let parents know how their child is performing in class, get permission to participate in activities, and/or to strengthen the home/school communication link.

2.  Communication assignments may not be graded and may not affect a student’s overall grade.

3.  Students may be given a consequence for not returning communication assignments on time. It just cannot affect their grade.

4.  Guidelines concerning communication assignments must be provided to parents in writing at the beginning of each school year or at the point of enrollment for new students.



▪ Students are highly encouraged not to wear make-up to school.  Students may not bring make-up to school.  The make-up that they might put on at home must not distract from the daily function of educating students.  We strongly urge parents not to allow students to put on make-up.



▪ No shoes with any type of wheels are allowed on campus. 

▪ Students must wear closed toe shoes for p.e.  No flip flops on p.e. days please.



▪ Students are not to bring toys/cards/games to school unless it is a part of an approved show-and-tell class activity.  Approved items must be brought directly to the classroom and left there. Toy category items include: dolls, play trucks/cars, cards of any kind, games, etc.



praise and congratulations;

positive written notes and telephone calls home

additional classroom and campus privileges



teacher reprimand and/or classroom discipline

▪ parent/guardian contact

loss of privilege(s)

time out in class or another classroom

principal intervention & notes home to be signed by parents

parent conference with teacher, student, and/or principal

in-school suspension assigned by the principal; letter will be sent home and must be signed before re-admitted to class unless principal has talked to family by phone

out-of-school suspension at home.



Primary age students (grades K-2) are restricted to the primary play equipment (west side of playground.  Intermediate age students (grades 3-6) are restricted to the intermediate grade play equipment (east side of playground), basketball courts, tetherball courts, and upper ball field.


General Rules:          

1.  Students are expected to follow all Taft School rules while outside.

2.  No food is allowed on the playground.

3.  Students will not throw rocks, sand, etc.

4.  No games of keep away will be allowed.

5.  No games that will potentially cause harm will be allowed.

6.  No students may be barefoot and play.

7.  No tag on playground equipment or around or in bathrooms

8.  No running on campus unless it is during recess out on the fields.

9.  No pencils, pens, markers are allowed on the playground unless a student is in the time out area assigned there by a teacher.

10. Primary students may not run in the sand areas in the primary playground. They may run in grass areas.


Playground Equipment   playground

1. Primary age students (grades K-2) are restricted to the primary play equipment (west side of bathrooms). 

2. Intermediate age students (grades 3-6) are restricted to the intermediate grade play equipment (east side of bathrooms).



1. No standing on top.

2.  No jumping off from the bars.

3.  Students are to use both hands on the bars at all times.

4.  No "chicken fighting" or similar games.


Basketball Courts:            

1. The far east courts will be for shooting only, no games allowed on these courts. Third and fourth graders only on these courts  before school and at recess.   During lunch all grades may use these courts.

2.  The far west courts are for games only.  No more than five students per team, total of ten in a full court game.  Fifth and sixth graders only on these courts before school.  These courts may be used for games by all grade levels during lunch.  Students waiting for the line up bell should not stand on these courts.

3.  No backpacks or musical instruments are to be placed anywhere on these courts.

4.  No hacking or attempting to block a shot is allowed.

5.  Students in grades K-2 may not play basketball in the mornings nor when there are 3-6 graders present on these east courts.


Upper Field Area:               

1.  No tackle/flag football is allowed.

2.  No footballs made of any material are allowed.

3.  No hard balls of any kind or bats are allowed on the playground.

4.  This field is intended for intermediate grade use only.


Lower Field Area and Baseball Field              

1.  No tackle/flag football is allowed.

2.  No footballs made of any material are allowed.

3.  No hard balls of any kind or bats are allowed on the playground.

4.  This field is intended primarily for primary grade use.

5.  Baseball field is available for use before school.



1.  Slide down feet first on your bottom.

2.  One step at a time.

3.  No climbing on the sides/poles.

4.  No climbing or jumping off of the slide.

5.  One person on the slide at a time.

6.  No blocking on the slide at the top or at the bottom.



1.  No twisting in the swings.

2.  No jumping off of the swings.

3.  No standing on the swings.

4.  No saving swings for friends.

5.  Both hands on the swings, no crisscrossing of hands

6.  No one (student or adult) may push a student while swinging.



1.  Students are responsible for returning any equipment they take out from the classroom and or basket.

2. Students are to use the equipment for the purpose it was intended.  

3.  The school will provide and replenish when needed ten basketballs, ten kick balls, and ten jump ropes.


Parents on Playground                     

1.  Parents can be on the playground at recess with their child if they check into the front office and get a visitor’s pass. 

2.  No playing with the students.  Parents may observe and talk with their child.

3.  If a parent wants to organize game activities a plan must be submitted to the principal for review. 



Taft Elementary School recognizes the importance of parent involvement to support the social and academic development of our students. To this end, we have established the Taft Parent Involvement Policy, which is committed to:

1.   Involving parents in school decision making through participation in the School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC).

2.   Developing programs which increase parental involvement.

3.   Providing social, academic and supervisory opportunities for parents and families in school related activities.

4.   Supporting the social service needs of Taft families.

5.   Describing for parents the curriculum and assessment tools utilized by teachers and staff.

6.   Providing parent, students and staff with a Parent   School COMPACT to establish guidelines for continued student success in school.



Parent-Teacher conferences will be scheduled twice during the school year, once during the first semester in October and once during the second semester in January, to discuss your child's progress in school. All parents will be sent conference slips to choose a time to meet with their child's teacher. Every parent is encouraged to attend conferences.



The Taft PTO is committed to strengthening the relationship between home, school staff, and community to promote quality education and growth of our children in the school and community. The Taft PTO works closely together to provide opportunities to strengthen this relationship through the following:

▪   social/recreational opportunities for families – community celebration and more.

▪ variousfundraisers throughout the school year, with the goal of providing funds for school programs/activities.



The purpose of SIAC is to advise the administration of Taft Elementary School in the planning, development, implementation, and assessment of the school's entire educational program.  This elected group meets roughly every month.



Taft Elementary School is committed to the belief that all children can learn and acknowledge that all of us -- teachers, administrators, and parents -- working together can make a positive difference in student achievement. Taft will provide an optimum learning environment in which students will experience success and achieve excellence in learning. The purpose of this compact is to establish guidelines for providing the highest quality of education at Taft.


As a student at Taft School, I pledge to:

▪ attend school regularly/arrive at school on time.

▪ do my personal best in school and at home.

▪ ask for help when needed.

▪ have self-discipline.

▪ respect and cooperate with other students and adults.

▪ have high expectations and establish goals.


As a parent/guardian of a student at Taft Elementary School, I pledge to:

▪ schedule a time for homework and discuss what my child has learned each school day.

▪ read with my child and let younger children see older children actively reading at home.

▪ use TV, radio, music and other media effectively through careful selection of programs, sensible

   watching/listening hours and discussion of programs watched or listened to.

▪ communicate with the school through phone calls, written correspondence, attendance at

   parent/teacher conferences and parent meetings.

▪ make sure my child attends school regularly and arrives on time.

▪ have high expectations for my child and set realistic goals for attaining personal and academic success.


As a teacher at Taft School, I pledge to:

▪ respect the uniqueness of each child and adapt instruction to meet each child's needs.

▪ influence change in behavior through positive forces rather than negative.

▪ communicate to students what is expected of them – and why.

▪ be knowledgeable about the curriculum and the strategies for teaching it.

▪ have high expectations for myself and all students.

▪ monitor students' understanding by offering regular appropriate feedback.

▪ provide a classroom environment that is conducive to learning.


As principal at Taft School, I pledge to:

▪ establish goals, expectations and shared responsibilities for teachers, parents and students.

▪ provide parents a voice in decisions regarding their children's schooling.

▪ emphasize the importance of school-home partnerships.

▪ provide extended time for students and families to engage in recreational and learning activities.

▪ continually search for the best way to meet student learning needs.



Students at Taft are expected to respect every student's right to learn and be safe at school. Teachers and students develop classroom rules which supplement the general rules listed.  The Taft staff will direct students to follow school rules and successfully choose appropriate behaviors.  Consequences for misbehavior will be consistently and fairly administered.


It is our belief that by working together as a team, your child's education will reflect excellence.  It is our policy that students be held accountable for their own actions. If you have any questions, please contact the principal.



When families take part in their children’s education, children do better in school.  The Taft Family Resource Center is a place where you can get information about raising and educating your child.  This is the place to find out about ideas on how to work with your child’s teacher, volunteer in the classroom, and support your child’s learning at home.  This is also the place to meet other families and work together to improve our school.  The goal of the Title I Family Resource Center is to provide you with the tools needed to help your child be successful in school.



Parents anytime you want to visit or volunteer on campus you must check in at the office and receive a pass (this includes parents and relatives).  This is to insure the safety of Taft students and staff.  This also applies to having lunch with your child.