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Ms. Erika Hoffman - Kinder U

Mrs. Ashleigh Smith-Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Jagla - 1st Grade

Ms. White - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Walz - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Datilio - 5th Grade

Ms. Bean - 6th Grade

Ms. Streeter - G.U.S. 1/2

Mrs. Chang - Counselor

Miss Sel - ED-P Social Worker

Miss Coe - General Music

Mr. McGee - Gifted & Talented 3rd/4th

Mr. Sanders - Physical Education

Miss Lind - Speech Language Path

Mrs. Banner - Kindergarten

Mrs. Sage - Kindergarten

Mrs. Delgado - 2nd Grade

Mr. Glenn - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Evans - 4th Grade

Mrs. Suchor - 5th Grade

Mr. Jarvela - 6th Grade

Ms. Sechez - G.U.S. 3rd/4th

Miss Najera - ED-P K-2

Mr. Becher - Art

Ms. Mickelson - General Music

Mrs. Albee - Nurse

Miss Berk - Resource K-3rd

Mrs. Helbig - Kindergarten

Mrs. Cordeiro - 1st Grade

Ms. Pessimisis - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Greer - 3rd Grade

Ms. Williams - 4th Grade

Mrs. Tawadrous - 5th Grade

Mr. Sepe - 6th Grade

Ms. Radakovich - G.U.S. 5/6

Ms. Dasgupta - ED-P 2nd-4th

Mr. Chilton - Band

Mr. Beck - Gifted & Talented 5th/6th

Miss Witt - Orchestra

Mrs. Contreras - Resource 4th-6th