shotsAt the beginning of the school year, my first responsibility is to check the immunizations of our continuing students and all incoming students. It is important that all students have the required immunizations for their own safety and those around them. We also have the responsibility to press upon the minds of our parents how important this is.

As a school, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to update your child's shots, so we will work closely with you giving you information about shot clinics and a reasonable to time to accomplish this before other measures are taken. We also understand that there are some parents who do not want their child to be immunized. If this is the case, you will be given the option to have a medical doctor sign an exemption if a medical condition exists, or sign a personal exemption stating you do not want to immunize your child.  If you choose the second option, it is my responsibility to inform you that if an outbreak of any kind occurs, your child will be unable to attend school until the outbreak is over.

We want all our students to be healthy, and will help all we can in achieving this.

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Immunization requirements