Taylor Jr. High adheres to the philosophy that student services are an essential and integral part of the overall educational process. The Taylor Counseling Department incorporates several different approaches to support academic achievement, personal and social growth, and career exploration. Students can sign up to see their counselor by coming before school, after school, or between classes. Then, when the counselor is available, the student will receive a call slip.

Counseling Staff

Annaliza Castillo         7th Grade         acastillo@mpsaz.org   480 - 472-1506
Rosalba Marquez         Electives         rmarquez@mpsaz.org 480 - 472-1508
Anabel Garcia         8th Grade         agarcia2@mpsaz.org 480 - 472-1507


The Counseling Department Will Only Consider Schedule Change Requests When:

Incorrect placement by grade or course level

An incomplete schedule was written

Requests to Change Teachers, Teams and Electives Can Not Be Considered.


Counseling Hours: 8:15 - 4:15 Monday - Friday

Phone Number - 480-472-1504

*No Wednesdays Hours Before School*