Gifted and Talented / Honors

MPS Program Mission Statement

MPS gifted education department is committed to providing appropriate services for students who require differentiated educational services beyond those normally provided by our regular school program. Opportunities for depth and acceleration are offered to meet both affective and cognitive needs of our gifted and talented students.  MPS follows the National Association for Gifted Children NAGC Standards for Quality Gifted Education Programs.


MPS Program Eligibility

Testing for the gifted and talented program on a state approved test is offered during each school year. Parents must complete and submit a GT testing request form and Parent permission to test form one week prior to advertised test date, to the Counseling department. Any student scoring at the 97th percentile or above on the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is considered "Gifted" and and any student scoring from the 90th-96th percentile, and who has additional indicators of academic aptitude, is considered "Talented." Both qualify for differentiated instruction provided through placement in our honors classes.


Taylor's Gifted and Talented and Honors Policies

Based on student's CogAT test results, students may qualify for our Humanities Block (Honors English Language Arts and Honors Social Studies) and/or our Math/Science Block (Accelerated Math and Honors Science). If they qualify through CogAT results, they are guaranteed placement. Students that score highly proficient on the latest standardized testing will also be automatically placed into the qualifying honors block. 

AVID/Honors Placement 

**If a parent would like their student in honors classes who is NOT gifted/talented as defined by the CogAT and does not have the qualifying standardized test score, they may fill out an AVID application  The student's data will be reviewed by the AVID committee at Taylor and a determination will be made. All of these placements are contingent upon acceptance by the AVID committee and available room in honors classes. All students are placed on an honors contract and may be exited from honors if they are not academically successful at the honors level.  If they are performing well in the AVID elective, they may be able to continue in AVID and be considered for honors placement the following year. 



Upcoming Testing Dates:  

                                                                 •    Tuesday, August 11, 2020 1-4pm

Please Note:

  • All request for testing paperwork needs to be submitted 1 week prior to test date
  • Arrive by 12:45 for check in
  • Students may only test every 2 years

Contact Mrs. Castillo with any questions you may have.

480-472-1506 or


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