·        Will students assigned to a team be in classes with the same 30 students all day?

No.  Students will be randomly assigned to a team by computer. Each team of approximately 140 students will have all the same range of leveled classes that we currently have.  Students in ELP classes will still be in ELP.  Students in Title classes will still be in Title. Some classes will be mixed.


·        Will students on a team be with those same students for electives, too?

All grade level students will be completely mixed for each of their six electives, PE and lunch.


·        Will there be any options for electives?

Students will have several options available. They may choose to opt for a year-long band, orchestra or choir elective in place of four of the six elective wheel options.  If they do choose a year-long option, they will also be able to take two, 9-week elective options, plus the required semester of PE.


·        Will there be “A” hour classes offered?

MPS will offer A hour classes at the high school level, as it always has, for students in credit-bearing classes.  Jr. Highs will be able to offer A hour classes if there is enough interest to warrant a particular class, and if the class is self-paying through community education.


·        Will the students on a team in 7th grade stay on the same team for 8th grade?

No.  Teams will be randomly assigned again in 8th grade.


·        What are other Jr. Highs doing?

Each Jr. High has some similar elements to the Taylor model, but not every Jr. High will look exactly the same. For example, some other Jr. Highs will also have teams and some will have a version of the elective wheel.