heartVolunteer's don't always have time, but they always have Heart!

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Taylor Jr. High. Please contact:

LeElla Gardner: 480-472-1514

Volunteer Sign Ups

SIAC/Title 1 Committee

Performing Arts - Help With: Concerts and Plays

Sports - Help With: Coaching, Score Keeping


Teacher Appreciation



Note: Anyone who visits the campus needs to sign in and out and wear a name tag. All volunteers must complete Taylor campus forms.
People who do not have children enrolled at Taylor Jr. High must complete a district packet (see link below).    

 Human Resources » Volunteer Services

 Taylor Jr. High Volunteer form

 Family involvement comes in many shapes and sizes. You are involved when you send your child to school, when you ask your child to tell you about their day, and when you convey the importance of education to your child. It is often these simple acts that have the most impact. 

Here are some simple things that you can try:

  • Volunteer at your school. Research shows a strong link between parent/family/guardian involvement and acidemic success.
  • Take time everyday to ask open-ended questions about what your child is learning in school. For more detail, ask your child to tell you five things they remember about the day or a specific class.  
  • Reinforce school expectations at home.
  • Read all correspondence from the school and your child’s teacher.
  • Develop connections with other families within your school community.
  • Offer to share professional, cultural or community experiences with your child’s class.
  • Assist school staff and educators in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for families.
  • Develop a consistent and daily routine and time for studying and homework.
  • Familiarize yourself with school and district policies
  • Visit the school’s web page often to stay up-to-date.