Open Enrollment

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Documents Needed:

  • Attendance Records
  • Disciple Records
  • Most Recent Grades (Report Card, Progress Report)
  • Filled Out Open Enrollment Form (see below)

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Mesa Public Schools offers many choices in education. We welcome open-enrollment students from another Mesa school or another Arizona district.


Open enrollment enables Arizona students to attend public schools outside their attendance areas or their districts. Parents, legal guardians, and emancipated students may pick up applications at any Mesa school. Applications should be returned to the school of choice as soon as possible for enrollment the next school year. Schools:

  • reject applications that don’t meet criteria and conditions set by the district according to state law
  • safeguard class or program size
  • attempt to preserve continuity for students who are now enrolled

Excess Service Capacity 

A school cannot enroll resident and nonresident transfer students unless it has excess capacity to serve additional students without adversely affecting educational opportunities for resident students attending their resident school. Factors to be considered in making this determination include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • physical capacity of the school and classrooms
  • availability of staff
  • capacity of grade levels, courses, and relevant special programs
  • availability of other resources

If no excess capacity exists, the school denies the applications. If excess capacity is anticipated, the school reviews the applications. 

Priority of Applications

Schools will first offer admission to students who are currently enrolled when application is made for enrollment for the following year. Other applicants will be admitted if the school has capacity for the applicant’s enrollment at the time of application.

Waiting List

If the school lacks capacity, the names of eligible applicants who cannot be accommodated are placed on a waiting list. If space permits, applicants are selected from the waiting list. If the school determines that no capacity is or will be available, applicants on the waiting list will be promptly notified.

Program Placement

Acceptance guarantees placement into a specific program only for students whose eligibility is defined by applicable state or federal law. Once accepted by the school, students from outside a school’s attendance area follow the same process for program placements as all other students at the school. Placement in special programs and schools can also be based on the safety and welfare of students and staff.


The school will notify accepted applicants and request confirmation that they will attend. Applicants who don’t respond within two weeks of notification are deleted from the accepted applicant file.

Rejection or Revocation

The school may reject or revoke applications if:

  • students have been, or are in the process of being, expelled from another school district or other educational institution
  • students are not in compliance with a condition of probation imposed by the juvenile court

Agreement to Honor Rules

The school can also reject applications if parents, guardians, or students fail to agree to honor all school rules and regulations, including standards for academic effort, conduct, and attendance.


Once students are attending their school of choice, they must comply with school rules. Failure to comply with school rules may result in an alternative assignment.

Before reassignment, the principal consults with the appropriate area assistant superintendent and holds an informal hearing with the student and parent or guardian. At the hearing, the principal explains the alleged conduct that violates the rules and gives the student an opportunity to respond.

After the hearing, the principal decides whether reassignment is appropriate. Upon request, the decision of the principal is subject to review by the appropriate area assistant superintendent.

Open Enrollment Calendar

Early Open Enrollment Period — Prior to March 1
For any application submitted before March 1, the student will be
notified of the acceptance decision by April 1. If accepted, the school requests confirmation within two weeks of notification that the student will attend. The names of applicants who are not accepted will be placed on a waiting list.

Regular Open Enrollment Period — March 1 to Start of School
Schools continue to accept applications and maintain a waiting list. Schools notify students who are accepted from a waiting list and request confirmation that the applicants will attend school the following year. Acceptance and confirmation continues until the school meets capacity.

Open Enrollment During Current School Year

An application for the current school year will be acted upon at the discretion of the school principal on a case-by-case basis.