Mrs. Kathy Coon

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An Arizona native, Mrs. Coon has been teaching in Arizona for the past 16 years. All of those years have been in the Madison School District in central Phoenix.  This is Mrs. Coon's first year in the Mesa School District.

Mrs. Coon began her musical education at the age of eight when she was given piano lessons as a birthday present.  It quickly became clear that the piano was made for her and she quickly progressed through the lesson books and other music presented.  During junior high and high school Mrs. Coon participated in various piano compositions in southern Arizona winning gold, silver and bronze medals.  Her band experience began in the fifth grade when she was able to sign up for beginning band.  Mrs. Coon started out on percussion but moved to trombone the following year after trying it out at the request of her band director.  She played trombone throughout her high school and college years. Mrs. Coon also plays the organ and piano regularly for church and is an active private teacher in the Mesa area  Mrs. Coon enjoys composing as well and has written numerous compositions for piano, organ and other band instruments as well as church choirs and vocal soloists.

Mrs. Coon studied music education at Eastern Arizona College (EAC) in Thatcher, Arizona.  She accompanied various vocal ensembles in addition to participating in concert, jazz and marching band and the community orchestra at EAC.  Mrs. Coon met her husband, a percussionist, while participating in the band and choir programs at EAC.  She went on to earn Bachelor and Masters degrees in Music Education from Arizona State University (ASU) in 2000 and 2008 respectively.

When she is not doing something related to music Mrs. Coon enjoys running, reading, satisfying her inner airplane geek and spending time with friends and family. She has participated in various local running races including two times running in Pat's Run. Mrs. Coon is also a licensed airplane pilot though she does not fly regularly at this time.