Ms. Patricia Trover - Team 7-2, Applied Learning

Phone: 480-472-1596


My name is Patricia (Patti)Trover. This is my 20th year teaching for Mesa Public Schools.  I have 19 years experience in the MOID program and one year teaching LD English.  I am a Co- Department Chair for the Special Education Department (Applied Learning). I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren (ages 12 and 10 and 8 and 1 month ).   I am the mother of 3 children - ages 33, 28, and 25.  My two oldest are girls and my son is the youngest.  My goal as a teacher is to increase the overall independence of my students by the means of increasing their self confidence.  I do my best to make every school day fun and exciting for my students.

Education:  B.A.E in Special Education (ASU)- certified in MR and LD

                     M.A.E in Special Education (NAU)- certified in MR and LD