Mrs. Sheryl Aros

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I was born and grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California, attending the Los Angeles Unified School District, and have lived in 5 states since that time, the longest being in beautiful Oregon. I moved to Arizona last summer after

Mrs. Aros with a Giant Panda statue in the background

 returning from China, where I spent a semester with my husband. Through that experience I learned a great deal about a culture I had not had as much interaction with, and a greater respect for those who go to a different country, do not speak the language, and have to try to navigate daily life. 

I received my Masters in Teaching and ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement from Western Oregon University and a Bachelor's degree from University of Idaho, having attended Brigham Young University for the majority of my under graduate work. 

I started my teaching career 30 years ago, was a stay-at-home mom for several years, then worked in varying capacities, including work as a technical librarian for an international cargo company. I re-started my teaching career in 2010 and have taught at the elementary, middle and high school levels. I have had the opportunity to teach in Oregon, California, and now in Arizona.

I love football, baking, doing family history, dancing, listening to and playing music and singing, and, of course, teaching, and I am really excited to be at Taylor!