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General Information

Question: Where can I find information regarding Taylor Athletics?
Answer: First and foremost look at this website on this page (just choose a topic or scroll down).
Secondly, you need to attend the parent meeting at the start of each season for specific details regarding any sport. Thirdly, contact the team coach.
Lastly, you can contact the Athletic Director, Coach Jones, at

Question: What happened if I missed the meeting??
Answer: Your son/daughter must get a tryout sheet from the bookstore and it must be signed by the parent/guardian. Without this paperwork they may not tryout.

Question: How can I get the information I missed at the meeting?
Answer: See the power point from the meeting on page one of this site by clicking the picture.

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Question: How can I support my son/daughter while they are on the team?
Answer: You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Ask them about their practices
  • Ask them about their classes and grades (so they stay eligible)
  • Attend their games (both home and away)
  • Encourage them to give their best both in the classroom and on the field/court
  • Make sure to get all their paperwork turned in on time
  • Pick up your son or daughter immediately following practices or games

Question: How can I support the Taylor athletics program?
Answer: This can also be accomplished in a number of ways:

  • Attend home and away games
  • Let the coaches coach the players both at practice and at games
  • Contact the Athletic Director if there are concerns
  • Offer donations of time, field improvements, or money to improve the program
  • Let the community know the good things we are doing at Taylor

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Tryouts and Practices

Question: Are tryouts open for parents to attend and observe?
Answer: Tryouts are not open to the public, per district policy. Tryouts are for the competitive teams only. Skill camp teams are no-cut and will begin after the second week of competitive practices.

Question: Are practices open to the public?
Answer: Taylor does not encourage parents to attend practices as this is the time when coaches are working on specific skills and strategies to improve the players as they prepare for game play. If you show up a little early to pick up your son or daughter, you are welcome to watch the end of the practice as long as you do not interrupt or insert yourself in any way, shape or form.

Question: What time do practices finish?
Answer: Each coach will have a different finishing time for practice. Most practices will be completed by 6 PM, although some may last longer. Please read the parent information sheet from the coach and keep in touch with your son or daughter for specific times.

Question: How often do the teams practice/meet?
Answer: Competitive teams will meet a minimum of 3 times per week. They may meet up to 5 times, especially at the beginning of the season. Coaches will provide specific information regarding this topic.

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Question: Where can I find the game schedule for the competitive teams?
Answer: You can find the game schedule at this site:

Question: What if my son/daughter is not playing as much as I had hoped?
Answer: Competitive teams are not designed for each player to get equal time. The best players will play the majority of the time. Encourage your son/daughter to speak with the coach looking for instructions on how to improve their play through specific skills and drills at practice. Practice time determines who plays in games.

Question: What if I do not agree with a game official or supervisor?
Answer: Remember that you are representing your son or daughter so anything you do that reflects badly on them will most likely be embarrassing. Taylor only encourages appropriate comments and actions being made during athletic competitions that does not degrade, embarrass or humiliate the opponents, the officials, the coaches or the players on the court/field. If actions fall outside these expectations, you will be asked to leave the facility.

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Question: How does my son/daughter stay eligible?
Answer: Every player on the competitive teams must turn in a print out of their portal grades every Monday to their coach. As long as all of their grades are at a 'C' or above they are eligible for that week's games/practices.

Question: How does my son/daughter become ineligible?
Answer: Any time a player has a grade that drops below a 'C' they are ineligible to play in games/practices.

Question: How does my son/daughter regain their eligibility?
Answer: After they have missed one game they may print off their grades from the portal and turn this paper into the Athletic Director. Once the Athletic Director has this information, they will contact the coach and let them know the player is now eligible.

Question: How do I make sure my son/daughter remains eligible the entire season?
Answer: Stay on top of their academic progress by visiting the parent portal and keeping up with the grades that are posted. If there is a question, contact the teacher to find out how you can support them and your son/daughter in their academic endeavors.

Question: If I have a question regarding grades or eligibility, who do I contact?
Answer: Please contact the Athletic Director - Scott Jones -

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