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Question: How often am I to hold practices?
Answer: Competitive teams are required to have a minimum of three days every week where they practice or play games. Once the season begins two of those days may be game days.

Question: Who should I contact if my team will not practice on the field or in the gym?

Answer: Please contact Coach Jones if you will not be in your normal area (due to weather), you are off campus, or if you cancel practice. This way if there are any questions, the AD will be informed.

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Equipment and Uniforms

Question: Where do I pick up my equipment and uniforms? 
Answer: All competitive coaches will see Coach Rother in the PE Office for equipment. Uniforms for competitive teams may be checked out the week prior to the first game.

Question: What do I do with the uniforms after each game?

Answer: Coaches will place the bag of uniforms in the laundry room or under the bleachers.

Question: Can I give equipment or uniforms to players to take home?
Answer: No competitive coaches may give uniforms or equipment to students to take home. Competitive coaches will hand out and collect uniforms after every game. Lost uniforms or equipment, for whatever reason, will be deducted from coach pay (see below).

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Player Grades

Question: When will coaches find out if players are ineligible?
Answer: Each player is required to turn in a portal print out of their grades every Monday, at practice. If a player has a grade that is below a 'C' the player is ineligible to play in games that week. If they have an 'F' they may not practice.

Question: What do the ineligible players do?
Answer: If a player has an 'F' on their print out, they may not attend practices or games. They must go home and get their work made up. If they have a 'D' they may practice but they must improve their grade to a 'C' to play in games.

Question: When can a player become eligible again?
Answer: Any player who is ineligible may present a print out to the Athletic Director the day following their missed game. They must provide a portal print out to the AD (Coach Jones) or the Admin box to lift their suspension - showing all grades are above a 'C'. 

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Question: Will I be evaluated during my time as a coach?
Answer: Yes, each coach may be asked to do a self-evaluation and turn it in to the AD at the completion of their season. The AD and Admin will stop by and see how practices, games, and other activities are going during the year to get an idea of how things are shaping up, from their perspective. You should consider such things as ineligible/eligible players, being on time for practices, holding expected number of practices, following through with information in parent letters, and supervision of players, etc.

Question: How do I have a good self-evaluation?

Answer: As intramural coaches your goal is to improve the fundamental skills, the athleticism, the mental knowledge of the players participating, and to encourage the players to have fun as they participate in the Taylor intramural sports program. This will be accomplished by attending the coaches meeting at the beginning of each season, through organized and well thought out, and properly constructed and supervised practices that challenge the players - no matter their level of ability. It is also earned through proper game conduct and interaction with officials, parents, players, opponents and administration. Remember, we can all improve on one thing or another.

Question: Does the self-evaluation have anything to do with whether I will be invited back next year?
Answer: Returning coaches will be determined by the Admin and the AD. All coaches are one year hires and changes may occur based on numerous circumstances. Your own self-evaluation will have little to do with you returning unless it is blatantly false. If given the chance, refusing to fill one out it will reflect poorly.

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Coach Pay

Question: How do I get paid?
Answer: All equipment and uniforms must be returned and checked in to Coach Rother at the end of the season. Until this is completed, payment can not be submitted.

Question: What happens if equipment or uniforms checked out to me are not returned?
Answer: Any items missing, at the time of turn in, will be deducted from your pay. Each uniform costs $50 to replace but equipment prices will vary. The lowest amount for equipment replacement is $25.

Question: How much do coaches get paid?
Answer: All competitive coaches will be paid $750. For wrestling and cross country if extra players sign up - you may receive another $500.

Question: After I turn in the equipment and checked off how long will it take to get paid?
Answer: Typically it takes four weeks (2 paycheck cycles) but sometimes it takes six weeks (three cycles). It must go from Taylor, to the district, and then to the school board for approval. All places may take up to a week so that stretches out the time frame. We have little to do with the process after you have been checked off. The only thing that can help is the sooner you clear all equipment and uniforms through Coach Rother, the sooner the paperwork can be submitted to the district.

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