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Our Health office can be reached at 480-472-1516

Our well qualified staff members are here to make sure your child is healthy and remain safe at school,in the optimum learning environment.

Nurse         Susan Beck         472-1528
Health Assistant         Lori Taylor         472-1516


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Parent Consent for Giving Medication at School Parent Consent for Giving Medication at School

1. Written parent permission authorizing school personnel to administer medication.

2. The original labeled container of the medication. For presciption medication, the pharmacist can supply a duplicate labeled container so one can be kept at school. Each container should have the phone number of the pharmacy, student's name, physician's name, medication's name, dosage, time to be given and route (oral, inhaled, etc.)  If your child must take an "over the counter" (OTC) medication while at school, a signed consent form must submitted by the parent.  The medication must be in the original container and given as directed on the bottle.

Storage: Medication to be administered at school is to be kept in the Health Office, except for secondary students who have written permission to carry an asthma inhaler with them. Other special requests may by discussed with the school nurse.

Field Trips: If your child takes daily medication or as-needed medication, you may send a separate labeled container with a day's dose of medication for that day. Health Services staff do not routinely accompany student's on field trips and a teacher may be responsible for administration of medication.

Thank you for your cooperation with these medication procedures. Our intent is to insure safety and good health for your child.