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Title I is the largest federal aid program for public schools.  This program provides additional funds for educating disadvantaged or underserved children. Title I-A is a section of Every Student Succeeds Act (previously ESEA) that establishes intervention programs for preschool to 8th grade students The services provided are for students at-risk of not meeting Arizona's K-12 Standards in reading and math, to increase their skills and reach grade-level proficiency.


Mesa Title I schools are provided with additional funding that can be used to:

  • Provide intervention reading and mathematics programs.
  • Provide before school, after school, or summer school programs.
  • Hire appropriately certified staff, such as reading specialists or instructional coaches
  • Hire highly qualified support staff, such as paraprofessionals or parent liaisons.
  • Support family engagement that may include site parent liaisons and family resource centers.
  • Provide professional development for families, teachers, and support staff, such as the MPS Parent University and Parent Partnerships.
  • Purchase supplemental instructional supplies and materials.



Title I schools are required to provide families with policy and program information using various forms of communication:

  • Holding an annual meeting to explain Title I policy and programs.
  • Providing families with up-to-date academic information about their children in an easy to understand format.
  • Offering families a flexible number of meetings on Title I policy and programs.
  • Involving families in the decision making process on how family involvement dollars are spent.
  • Providing families with a compact entered by the school, the parent, and the child acknowledging responsibility for student success.


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