If you are a student or parent of a preschool to 12th grade student in Mesa and need to speak to a FamiliesMKV icon
in Transition/Homeless Assistant, please contact us at
480-472-0291 or

Educational Assistance

If you have experienced a loss of housing and/or economic hardship, that results in you living in a shelter, motel, vehicle or campground, on the street, in abandoned buildings or trailers or other inadequate accommodations, or doubled up with relatives or friends because you cannot find or afford housing, then according to the McKinney-Vento Act, you may qualify for services.

McKinney-Vento Services

  • Eligible students must be given access to the same public education provided to other students. 
  • May be able to continue in the school they attended before becoming homeless or the school they last attended. 
  • May be eligible to receive transportation to the school they attended before they became homeless or the school they last attended.
  • Enroll in school without giving a permanent address. Schools cannot require proof of residency that might prevent or delay school enrollment.
  • Enroll and attend classes while the school arranges for the transfer of school and immunization records or any other documents required for enrollment.
  • Receive the same special programs and services, if needed, as provided to all other children served in these programs.

Rights Information

For more information regarding homeless student rights, please refer to the following English or Spanish document. 

Contact Information

Main office (480) 472-0291 |

Liaison Rita Bracamonte-Rodriguez

Counselor  Melissa Valenzuela

Assistant  Jane Foley-Graeff     

Director of Title I & School Improvement  Dr. Patricia Estes

MPS Opportunity & Achievement Department

Homeless student dispute resolution English | Spanish

Transportation Agreement