Diagram for School Integrated Action Plan

School Integrated Action Plan (SIAP)

The SIAP is based on the Comprehensive Needs Assessment findings. It replaces the School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP).

The School IAP addresses:

  • The primary needs identified in the School Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • ESSA requirements for Title I, II, III, IV and School Improvement
  • State requirements for Move On When Reading (MOWR)

LEA Integrated Action Plan (LIAP)

The LIAP is based on all the district’s School’s Comprehensive Needs Assessment findings. It supports the implementation of the SIAP. It replaces the LEA Continuous Improvement Plan (LCIP).

The LEA IAP is based on:

• A review of all School CNA results

• Reflective questioning process and discussion

• Identification of evidence-based activities, strategies and interventions to support all school/s successful SIAP implementation.