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Teaching & Learning

The Mesa Public Schools offer quality educational programming, innovative instructional practices, and comprehensive curriculum to approximately 64,000 students. The Teaching and Learning division emphasizes the five following critical areas: Quality curriculum, instructional materials support, assessment, professional development, and administrative and community support.

School Closure Home Learning Resources

Families and students may search by grade level and content areas to explore and select activities of interest to their child.  We encourage you to look at this website if you would like specific learning resources for your child. These activities are optional and not intended to be substituted for instruction.  Please do not submit any activities that your child completes during this time as they will not be graded nor used for instructional purposes.  

Familias y alumnos pueden buscar y explorar actividades de interés por grado o área temática. Recomendamos que visite la página web si quiere recursos de aprendizaje específico para su niño/a. Estas actividades son opcional y el propósito no es reemplazar la instrucción. Favor de no entregar actividades que su alumno termine, no recibiran calificacion ni será usado para instrucción.

Instructional Materials Support (Adoptions)
Professional Learning
Administrative and Community Support

The Teaching and Learning division has developed numerous infrastructures to gain and maintain administrative and community support of teaching and learning offerings. Mesa has enjoyed a long history of support from both administrators and the community as is evidenced by the division's numerous awards and achievements.

Teaching & Learning Resources


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