Welcome back for the 2021-2022 School year! We are excited to see you!

Be sure your school has your current home address in their system so students are routed on the correct bus.  Bus-eligible students are those that live more than 1 mile away from elementary school, 1.5 miles from junior high, and 2 miles from their high school.  MPS uses a schoolbus-specific mapping software that determines distance for all students.


Fremont Bus Yard Dispatch

(480) 472-8950

If your student's route begins with:

100's, 500's, 620-624, 900's

Stapley Bus Yard Dispatch

(480) 472-0160

If your student's route begins with:

400's, 4400's, 600-619, 800's

Broadway Bus Yard Dispatch

(480) 472-6100

If your student's route begins with:

200's, 2100's, 700's

In hotter weather it is important to remember the capacity and limits of school bus air conditioning systems. School buses are only capable of cooling a vehicle to approximately 15-20 degrees below the outside temperature, therefore, if it is 100 degrees outside, the bus can only be expected to cool to about 80 degrees.

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