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Docking Station
Connect the Lenovo Thinkpad Helix to monitor, keyboard & mouse

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dock connected to screens






docking station

I.S. is installing the docking stations in classrooms. If you have a docking station that needs to be set up you can contact I.S. to request a work order to set it up for you, or you can set it up yourself. Click here for printable directions to set up the docking station. 

Optional- here is the complete user guideIf you want to know all about the docking station layout, here is a user guide- locating the controls and an unboxing video (starts 1 minute into video).  

Where to place the docking station

It is recommended that you place the docking station on the teacher desk or wherever the teacher productivity area is. This way the Lenovo can be connected to a full-size monitor, keyboard and mouse to allow the teacher to work at a full screen just like you would on a desktop computer. 

The Lenovo does not need to be connected to the docking station while it is being used for instruction. It will project wirelessly from anywhere in the room.

Using the docking station

An external monitor is connected to the docking station to allow the screen image of the computer to be duplicated or extended to the extra monitor- see images above. This allows the user to work from a full sized monitor for better visibility. In the extended mode, the user can have two different screens to work from (one on the Lenovo Thinkpad Helix and the other on the external monitor).

Other useful items that can be connected to the docking station via USB:

  • mouse
  • full-sized keyboard (with ten-key)
  • phone charging cable (in 3rd USB port only) 
  • external storage device
  • *document camera
  • *SMART board (in 3rd USB port only) 
  • *external CD/DVD player
The Lenovo Thinkpad Helix must be connected to the docking station to use these items. Use the USB cable that is blue on the ends. 

It is important to remember that you DO NOT need to be connected to the docking station while connected to the projector for instruction. Simply remove the usb cable from the Lenovo and you may move around the room while teaching. This way, you can also have the doc cam anywhere in the room- just plug the usb cable directly into the Lenovo when you want to use the doc cam. Or, alternatively, use the Camera app instead of the doc cam.

How to connect to an additional monitor

Click here for printable directions to change the settings of your screens.

Make sure the external monitor is powered on. After a few seconds the monitor should display the same image as the Lenovo screen.


Click here if you are having problems using the docking station. You can also contact the I.S. Help Desk at x20044 or submit an online help request at