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September 29, End of 1st Quarter
What’s happening in MA10: We are wrapping up the 1 st  quarter. Students have worked hard this quarter, and have learned many new concepts. The end of the first quarter ends on October 6 th . Students will take their 3.2 Extension and Topics 1 and 2 Test on Tuesday, 10/3.     Test Retakes: Chapter 3/4 Test retakes are currently being offered until...
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September 14
What are we studying? We have finished the unit on rational numbers and applying those ideas to working with Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities that will finish out the remainder of the 1st Quarter.    Test Retakes Chapter 2 Retakes are currently being offered until October 3.  Students who wish to retake a test are eligible to do so if the meet the following...
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Changes to Requesting Tech Support
To ensure that Virtual MA10 students are receiving the most timely support possible, we have been working with our representative in Information Systems to establish clear protocols for how to handle support requests. Students should contact their homeroom teacher or school secretary to assist with the work order.  We are asking that the work order be placed online by either the ...
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September 1
What’s happening in MA10: We are wrapping up week three of Virtual MA10. We completed our first unit (Chapter 1) on absolute value and integers last Friday, and have been exploring rational numbers (Chapter 2) this week. The Chapter 2 test will be on Thursday, September 7.   Test Retakes: Students who wish to retake a test are eligible to do so if they meet the...
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