End of First Quarter and Parent Teacher Conference Week

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End of First Quarter (October 6th)

There will be no live Virtual MA10 on the last day of the quarter. Students will be taking the MA10 First Quarter Benchmark on Thursday, October 5th. If a student misses class on Thursday, they can make up the test on Friday, October 6th.


Parent Teacher Conference Schedule

Due to the early release schedule October 16th-20th, Virtual MA10 will be on a modified schedule. MA10 teachers will host open Webinar times for students to attend. Students are still required to attend one Webinar each day during conference week.


Modified Schedule:

8:00 – 8:45

9:00 – 9:45

10:00 – 10:45

11:00 – 11:45


First Quarter Grades


  • Homeroom teachers should be careful not to add a math grade or accidentally change the grade on a Virtual MA10 student while preparing report cards. Synergy does not provide a warning to prevent this from occurring.
  •  Virtual MA10 students will only be provided with a letter grade. Virtual MA10 students will not receive skill performance grades as the 6th grade report card lists the 6th grade performance skills.
  • Students who withdrew close to the end of the quarter will receive a grade from the Virtual MA10 teachers. We recognize that it might be difficult to reconcile saddling the student with a low grade if Virtual MA10 was an inappropriate placement. Principals may choose to withhold a math grade for the first quarter entirely.
  •  Ms.Hart will provide a list of first quarter grades for Franklin schools on 10/6. Franklin homeroom teachers should consult with their principals about how to list Virtual MA10 grades for the Franklin report card.
  • Students below 70% at the end of the first quarter will be transitioned back to 6th grade math for the remainder of the year.


Updated Link to Device Support for MA10 Students

If an MA10 student is experiencing difficulties with their MA10 device, I.S. has asked that either the homeroom teacher or school secretary fill out a request form for support. The original link provided a few weeks ago was not routing users to the correct location. The new link is provided below: (Use the red Help Desk button)






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