Virtual MA32

MA32 (Honors Geometry) is offered as an option in Grade 8 for high achieving junior high math students. Traditionally, 8th grade students invited to participate in MA32 at junior high schools that did not offer a section of MA32 had to attend class at a high school and parents were responsible for providing student transportation. For the 2014-2015 school year, Mesa Public Schools was pleased to begin offering Virtual MA32 for eligible 8th graders. Virtual MA32 students remain on the junior high campus and participate in a virtual MA32 cohort at a scheduled class time, interacting in real time by computer, with a teacher and other students on other junior high campuses. 

Characteristics of a Virtual MA32 Student

  • Has successfully completed MA27 Algebra I or course equivalent
  • Enjoys the challenge of a competitive math class
  • Uses study skills; completes assignments on time
  • Grasps and applies concepts quickly and easily
  • Has the ability to see patterns and think abstractly
  • Shows persistence in solving difficult and complex problems
  • Uses analytical, deductive, and inductive reasoning
  • Can be an independent learner
  • Comfortable with using a computer or mobile device

Student Device Handbook

Device Protection Plan

Enrollment Instructions

Connecting a Student Device to WiFi

Virtual MA32 Class 1 Website

Mrs. Gilles / Mrs. Cao

Virtual MA32 Master Calendar

Big Ideas Math Textbook

Arizona K-12 Academic Standards

MA32 MPS Curriculum

Special Considerations for Virtual MA32 Placement

  • Arizona requires a minimum of 4 years of high school mathematics for graduation. Students who take accelerated coursework should be prepared to study advanced mathematics in all four years of high school.
  • Grades earned in Geometry taken before ninth grade, count for high school credit. These grades will not be removed from the transcript.
  • Students may have the option of attending MA32 in a traditional high school classroom or through a virtual environment. Mesa Public Schools does not provide transportation for 8th grade students who take MA32 at a high school.
  • Parents may have to transport the student to another high school or college, as well as pay tuition, for BC Calculus, as it is not presently offered in all of our high schools.