MPS Web Best Practices

Department Web Site Organization

Department Web sites serve a broader variety of purposes; therefore, it is difficult to provide a standard set of top navigation sections to departments.  We recommend departments to follow the conventions suggested for schools where appropriate, and to otherwise use good judgment based on your department's purpose and function.

  • Top Navigational Bar
    • Required: Labels must exist as a single line of text.
    • Number of labels should not exceed eight.  Five or six labels are optimal.
    • Each label should be no more than 12 characters in length.
  • Intranet Content
    • Intranet content and web-accessible content should be integrated into a single site structure.  There is no need, except for your own convenience, to maintain a separate "Intranet" section of your website.
    • Intranet content can be designated on a page-by-page basis, by checking the "Intranet" checkbox when editing a page.
    • Keep in mind that intranet content may be viewed by any student inside the district network, and by anyone with access to an Architeck account from the Internet.
  • Staff
    • A staff section should be maintained for your website, although this page may be hidden in your site navigation.  This section will provide an easy-to-access contact page for your staff, and will include your staff members in the district online employee directory (MPS Phonebook).

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